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Possibly Subversive Flower Arrangements

by Kerry Wendell Thornley

Originally published in Factsheet Five № 31 (p. 69), August 1989. Errors in spelling and grammar are presented as they appear in the original publication.

Possibly Subversive Flower Arrangements

When I ask myself what to do about it — there is NO ANSWER. Become a dictator so I can meet girls like the guy in the Jules Feiffer cartoon? That isn't even part of the question. Why won't everybody grow up and understand that much? As hagbard Celine says, "Rule yourselves, schmucks!" And let me fuck whoever wants to fuck me that I want to fuck (which includes nearly everybody in the last instance) and go stare at priests upon whom your accusing looks won't be wasted the way they are on me!

And find out what that nun is who says the post-revolutionary man isn't erotic and get somebody she finds irresistable to fuck her for days and days and days and days and days (at least five days) on end.

"If we couldn't laugh, we'd go insane." — Jimmy Buffet

Laughter, like the orgasm, is a semi-involuntary pleasurable response to the actions of another — usually, or at least basically, laughter breaks up armoring. That's why there are dirty jokes and burlesque comics and why puritans snigger at sex! And also why people like M_____ don't see what's so funny about sexual humor — people fortunate enough to grow up without a lot of conditioning about that subject.

Of course, since crying also releases armoring, hysteria is probably the best cure for the individual — and the most dangerous for society — of all. Verily I tell you, all roads lead to Dobbs.

(1963) "Averill Harriman had recently become under secretary and Roger Hilsman head of the Far Eastern Bureau, and both favored firmness toward Diem." p. 280, VIETNAM, Stanley Karnow.

Jean Dixon would've been among the occult fronts of the Great Society Conspiracy. Wilson also called CBS Conservative Bavarian Seers. ABC — Ancient Bavarian Seers — nihilists in the tradition of Weishaupt. NBC — Nefarious Bavarian Seers — essentially "country" and Rockefeller. Knee far = he us, Bavarian conspirators. If this hypothesis is correct, then NBC is close to Dixon. If it isn't, they ain't.

Conign pictured in VIETNAM book in no way resembles the Second Lt. in MACS-4.

Libertarian Capitalism:
  Slay Demons!
  Cast Out False Prophets!
  Criticize Everyone in Authority!
Individualist Anarchism:
  Criticize Demons!
  Slay False Prophets!
  Cast Out Everyone in Authority!
Communist Anarchism:
  Cast Out Demons!
  Criticize False Prophets!
  Slay Everyone in Authority!

"And remember: we don't care how you vote this November, but be sure and vote." - the Anarchist Advertising Council

  Slay Demons!
  Cast Out PaIse Prophets!
  Satirize Everyone in Authority!

Comic strip blurb pasted onto picture of Rama or Krishna slaying demon: You slay me!

All this was inspired by memories of the day I met B_____ in the hall at Georgia State and he asked me to help get Dean English, the Confederate Dean of Men, and Dean Thomas, the Neurotic Dean of Women, to approve the Hare Krishna's passing out prashadam in the student union building.

So there I was, in Dean English's office — with Dean Thomas there — them talking about the health hazards of free food and Health Department rules — listening to B_____ trying to explain how, since it was sacred food, they didn't have to worry about such mundane things, me trying to confine the discussion to civil liberties, them all explaining to me that they were so tolerant that wasn't a problem, no minds meeting, anywhere in the room.

1989–75=1914…Jesse Sump (1914-1989)

One of the individuals allegedly connected with the Vietnam war conspiracy that has most eluded investigation — in terms of who he was associated with at the time — is the Soviet Ambassador to Cuba in 1963 — a close friend of Krushchev's who was also a supporter of his unification of Germany policy. Because he was arrested in Canada in the 50's as a member of the spy ring that obtained the A-Bomb for Russia, at which time he was working under the code name, "Leon", and because his Russian name is hard to remember and there is a controversy about whether it has or hasn't been changed in most library books, he is usually called "Leon". Were there direct links between Leon and Harriman and Lodge, for example? Was Leon the go-between for Castro and Huntsville Alabama? (When he is under Soviet control he's called "Leon Redbone". He or the faction of his conspiracy that isn't is called "Leon Russell". The obnoxiously persistent Leon is called "Leon Everett". Then of course there was the Leon android in Blade Runner. Then there was the second Oswald who called himself "Leon Oswald".)

Leon was obviously either involved in the assassination or the Bay of Pigs fiasco, or both, or in whatever else the assassins were protecting — the "Oz Wall", the electronic isolation and manipulation of agents, perhaps.

There is a footnote about him in THE U-2 AFFAIR by Ross and Wiseman.

There may have been an indication that Leon's link with Lodge was Gerald Ford. (The way Lodge just went ahead and overthrew Diem, ignoring JFK's second thoughts and cautions, indicates that Lodge realized that very soon Kennedy would no longer be a force to contend with and that he, Lodge, wouldn't have to answer to him, Kennedy — who was killed three weeks after Diem was assassinated).

So at this point I'm very interested in how Leon and von Braun and Gehlen's people were communicating, if they were, with Harriman, Bundy and Lodge, et al — the hawks in JFK's administration — whether it was personal meetings, membership in the same secret society, canted communications or electronics..

The people in New Orleans — such as, I guess, M_____ and also the Gay Community, were referred to as "Southern Alabama" the last time I was through there. That may also have been their condition at the time of the assassination. Charles Cabell in CIA seems to have been unwittingly working with a mole. Hunt also claimed that at that time he was in "South Texas", according to rumor. Logically, he'd have been reporting to Cabell, whose brother Earl, mayor of Dallas, is allegedly the patron saint of the gay community — which, according to Mark Lane, became rich in stock market manipulations related to advance knowledge of Kennedy's assassination.

So the question is, what was going on over their heads? How much more did Harriman know? Where was the link with Leon? Who knew and who didn't know about the involvement of the Huntsville rocket scientists? How did what the Conspiracy calls "a small fire truck" maintain control over the "oranges" in New Orleans? How did the Wasgugspacks figure into it? Were they the control factor? (Enter, again, the house of Morgan.)

What is the relation between Morgan and Rockefeller? Between the Wasgugspacks and the Rockefellers? Between the Wasgugspacks and LBJ during the great Proletarian Cultural Revolution? (What possibilities for satire! LBJ in the Oval Office discussing Chinese politics with the likes of Fred Korth and John Connelly.) How was Dr. Lind of Polaroid connected with all of this — a CIA advisor in the U-2 project?

These are the types of questions The Conspiracy should be answering — instead of filibustering about things the NATIONAL TATTLER could cover just as well for 50¢ a week. Anyone that persistently avoids questions like this, the way factions linked with Tony Jackson have, eventually winds up on my shit list, no matter how much I might be attracted to their basic ideology.

Because I've got a problem to solve first, before I can devote much time to these other things and there doesn't seem any point in being surrounded day and night by informants if they aren't going to be informative about the most pressing and highest priority problem: the War Conspiracy. At this rate, by the time there are war crimes trials, all the war criminals will have died of old age.