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Adventures in Modern Telephony: Wrong Number

Or as Ma Bell used to say, "Reach out and touch someone"

September 4, 2012

Haiku version:
A hooker called me
She must've heard I was great!
No, 'twas wrong number

Long version:
So my other cell phone (one that I rarely use, and still has my old Austin number) rang this evening. It was someone calling from Austin so I figure that, more likely than not, it was a wrong number. I answered, and the woman on the other end went on an absolute tirade, of which the only discernible phrase was "do you just like wasting my time?!"

I replied, "excuse me!?"

She said, "Isn't this (such-and-such)?" She mentioned some name that I don't remember, but it wasn't mine.

I said, "You've called the wrong number, speaking of 'wasting my time.'" She said "Wait isn't this 6-- Oh." And with that, she hung up.

Just for fun, I Googled the phone number. I found some kind of review by what was apparently a satisfied customer, who used a bunch of abbreviations that I hadn't seen until today (no, really). I Googled these (example: "DATY") and quickly realized that the phone number belongs to a hooker.

Now that I had a hooker's phone number on my cell phone, all sorts of Curb Your Enthusiasm scenarios played through my brain. I figured the best thing was to simply come clean, so I called my wife and said, "guess what, a hooker called me!" Naturally, my wife assumed that word about my prowess had gotten around. (No, she didn't, really.)